Are Your Online Profiles an Asset or a Liability?



I was privileged to speak at the North Carolina Governors HBCU Internship Orientation a few days ago.  These students have worked tirelessly and truly deserve the opportunities ahead. While speaking to them on “The Importance of Personal Branding & Positive Social Media Profiles,” I found, as I always do, most millennials are truly concerned about the effects their social media profiles will have on their professional careers.Some are nervous about what to put and what not to put online while others are carelessly sharing way too much information.  Most know their profiles and pages should be clean but unfortunately need clarity on the definition of clean according to corporate etiquette. This can be overwhelming as they are transitioning from college life into life long careers.

When defining professional, here are a few things to ask yourself…                                                        blog_media-teaching students (2)

  1. Can I share with my Mom or family members?
  2. Will my 60 year-old self be proud of me?
  3. Does my content add value? Am I displaying thought leadership?
  4. Am I building a brand or blame? Is this an asset or liability to my career.


And if you’re concerned, here are a few things you can do to clean up your Social Media and promote your Professional Development…


  1. Delete pics of parties and any obscene behavior immediately!
  2. Use professional user ID’s not handles like Sexy123 for example.
  3. Untag yourself.  Sever connections with condemning content and photos.
  4. Google yourself.  See what comes up and what’s attached to your good name!

Whatever you do, keep it professional and be successful!

Talitha Batts, The Success Coach



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Posted on: May 29, 2017

4 thoughts on “Are Your Online Profiles an Asset or a Liability?

  1. Interesting read…excellent tips.I just recently joined social media, mainly Facebook and LinkedIn. I limit posting personal information. I will pass this information along to my coworkers and my daughter. Hopefully she will practice some of the tips.

    1. Thank you Stenia. I hope the information is helpful. Feel free to let us know how your daughter received the information. I’m always looking for feedback. All the best, Talitha Batts, The Success Coach

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