Talitha Batts, The Success Coach, is a Global Award Winner!

WEF_accepting award

I am the proud recipient of the 2017 “Iconic Women Creating A Better World For All” Award presented by Dr. Harbeen Arora at the Women’s Economic Forum(WEF) in New Delhi, India. Dr. Arora and the All Ladies League (ALL) recognized 50 ladies from over 100 countries that are women of influence, dignitaries and business owners who are innovative, thought leaders impacting the world and creating a better future.

The Women’s Economic Forum is a conference that provides a platform for empowering conversations and amazing connections among women dedicated to creating positive change all over the world.  Women come from all walks of life teaching wellness, success, motivation, leadership and philanthropy while maintaining common vision, values, purpose and passion which is to normalize the act of thinking outside the box to create a better world for everyone.

Along with the positive energy, great food, recognition and network, the powerful impact of the Sisterhood is incomparable!  The knowledge, camaraderie and authentic desire for others to succeed is the common thread throughout the event among the women who attend.  I am honored to receive the 2017 Iconic Women Creating A Better World For All Award however I am blessed beyond belief to have these women as a part of my network and now imbeded in my life.

Thank you Dr. Harbeen Arora!  You are a true Change Maker!

Talitha Batts, The Success Coach

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Posted on: May 16, 2017

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